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Metro Light & Power designs and manufactures custom LED fixtures, AC power and data connectivity solutions, and other related products for the Hospitality, FF&E, and Commercial Property development sectors.

Metro was founded in 2015 by Daniel Deutsch and Scott Usher, who bring over 35 years of combined experience designing innovative lighting solutions. After six years of collaboration on unique LED lighting projects throughout the United States, Scott and Daniel merged their companies, Inner Spaces and Prism Industries, to form Metro.  

While our story begins with lighting, frequent partnerships with millwork vendors on high-end hospitality projects led to requests for superior alternatives to the AC Power outlets available on the market, resulting in the creation of our line of power and data connectivity solutions. We are unique in our ability to solve both lighting and connectivity design challenges for our clients.

Metro places great emphasis on developing thoughtfully designed, original products and currently holds several U.S. patents, with three patents pending. We use only the highest quality LEDs in our fixtures, which are produced in Japan, the United States, and Europe, and assembled in China.

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